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Italian Street Painting

Prepare to be amazed and watch the streets come alive

Tiffany Manchip's creation from the 2022 Mountain View Art and Wine Festival

Lisa Jones is a California artist, event organizer, and teacher. This year, with great enthusiasm, Jones is bringing back five world-renowned artists to the Italian Street Painting Block as part of the Mountain View Art & Wine Festival.

Throughout the two-day festival, California Street (between Castro and Hope) will become the canvas for a talented lineup of Madonnari (street painters) and festivalgoers will have an opportunity to experience this captivating and vibrant performance art with the cool Castro Street festival vibe as the backdrop.

These professional street painting artists will each create a 10’ x 10’ work of art on the street in chalk pastels – their amazing creations will be works in progress throughout both days of the festival

Additionally, smaller squares and a box of chalk for the children will be available for $10 per square to create their own street painting art.

Meet the Artists

Lisa Jones

Since 2001, Lisa has organized and participated in street painting events in several locations in California, as well as Utah, Arizona, Florida and Italy.

In 2013 she joined the executive team organizing the Italian Street Painting Marin event, and created a small business, Urban Canvas USA, to facilitate one-day street painting events promoting the art to a broad range of people.

Passionate about art education as well as the fine art of street painting, Lisa is dedicated to enhancing art in communities.



Joel Yau

Joel Yau takes his passion for street painting around the world, participating as a featured artist in festivals across North and Central America, Europe and Asia. As a master street painter, Joel applies his extraordinary drafting talent in a large format impressing audiences with stunning portraits and 3-Dimensional designs that come to life and lift right off the ground.

Joel enjoys traveling as boundless inspiration, and gives back to the community through his various artistic pursuits. He has a degree in Illustration and Visual Communication and is an Design Art Director. See more of his work at


Ann Hefferman

A recent retiree from the UC Santa Barbara Library’s Geospatial Collections, Ann is enjoying more time for her art and music.

Her work tends towards representation of forms in nature, especially botanical subject matter. Ann studied printmaking and artists books at UCSB, graduating in 1980 with a BA in Art Studio/Printmaking Emphasis.

She started street painting with chalk pastels in 1994 at the I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival and has traveled throughout the US and internationally to participate in other festivals. Street painting appeals to her for it’s inherent accessibility to the artistic process. Viewers can watch the art evolve towards completion and interact with the artist.

Visit Ann's website at


Tiffany Manchip

Working full time on an ambulance in Plumas County CA, Tiffany Manchip also finds great passion in her art and exploring the vast and beautiful outdoors.

Graduating with a BA in Sculpture from CCA in 1998, she also studied illustration and poetry.

Establishing a career painting residential murals, Tiffany ventured out and participated in her first chalk art festival in Marin at the Italian Street Painting Festival in 1995 and was back almost every year after to bring her love of nature onto the streets in chalk.

The last few years, Tiffany has enjoyed participating as a chalk artist at the Atlantis Chalk Art and Music Festival in Reno, NV and continues her heartfelt connection of painting animal portraits on canvas.

Visit Tiffany's website at


Joe Mandrick

San Jose based artist Joe Mandrick (Land and Sky Fine Art) works primarily in landscape scenes using both acrylic and chalk pastel mediums. Originally from the Midwestern USA, he moved to the San Jose bay area in 2006. His artwork often incorporates Midwestern scenery with California landscapes to create a unique fusion of the two. The chalk murals he creates are made in the same impressionist style as his canvas-based paintings with bold and dramatic color palettes.

Visit Joe's website at:

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