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Collaborative Paint Temple and DJ Dancepark


Collaborative Paint Temple

Bay Area artist Richard Art Felix is an internationally exhibited and collected mixed-media artist and public artist.

To date, he has done more than 300 of his individual Collaborative Public Art pieces since starting the ArtIsMobilUs project in 2013.

At this year’s Mountain View Art & Wine Festival, September 7-8, Felix will bring an all-inclusive collaborative mobile ART TEMPLE experience for festival goers to express themselves in the “thinking and creating” format that he has developed doing hundreds of events around the world.

The ART TEMPLE will be located at the corner of Castro and Dana.


Dancepark DJ

Joining forces with the EveryBodyCanPaint is Dancepark, a collective of artists, scientists, engineers, and DJs who have a passion for sharing music and bringing a feel-good vibe wherever they go.

This band of creative artists has built a devoted fan base around the Bay spinning house music, melodic house, and deep house.

They have a deep love and passion for music but what drives them most is sharing music that brings people together and makes people dance and smile. Music and dancing is a great source of joy.

The group’s one-of-a-kind Pacific Art Car, designed and themed in the form of Neptune's Chariot, is their latest creative project.

It's 22 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 14 feet tall in the front section and is fashioned out of welded steel and adorned with art representing Neptune's colorful world. It's built on a trailer frame and is mobile and stable.

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